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2.7k+ RBG Rating

uncleshaggy, Aug 2, 12 7:42 PM.
Finally I got my new Elite gear on my other char Palpatiny - Dreanor.
And my new mount...

A happy Uncleshaggy xD



Dohment, Jul 8, 12 5:09 PM.
I am signing off.
It was a great honour and trip to be gm of PvP Rated.
The stories of success and failure are endless.
And they aren't even over yet.

All hail the new GM, Uncleshaggy !!

I wish you all the best of luck !!

To all other members, TY 4 fun!!
Thanks for joining, and support your new GM.

All the best to all !! And have fun !!
(In game and IRL).


New Officers

Dohment, May 2, 12 5:48 PM.

We have three new Officers.


(Although, the three of you said yes to a sh.tload of work and misery. GL with it!)

Get your RBG Rating !!

Dohment, Apr 2, 12 8:45 AM.
Before the 1st of June, all Members are required to have a 1k RBG Rating on their Main.
Help eachother to get it !!

This guild is going to get more focused on RBG's.

If you love PvP, you love RBG's.

Just start up a group, and go!!

Leeu finally got what he deserved!

Dohment, Feb 29, 12 12:21 AM.
Your 75th victory in rated battlegrounds!
Congrats with your Title Veteran of the Alliance.
And your Vicious War Steed !!

Note; It might be time for a group picture.

Next mount came to Daann!

Dohment, Feb 19, 12 10:56 AM.
Congrats Daann, with your Vicious War Steed  !!


Dohment, Feb 17, 12 5:02 PM.
Congrats Superial, with your Battlemaster Achievement!

Mounts keep on coming

Dohment, Feb 14, 12 3:02 PM.
Grats Freefire, with your Vicious War Steed (Item) and your title;  Veteran of the Alliance !!

2 More mounts

Dohment, Jan 30, 12 10:45 AM.
Grats Greytree and Alteya, with your Veteran of the Alliance (Achievement),
and your Vicious War Steed (Item) !! On to the next one !!

Yes yes, i heared, Alteya, not Deverauxe got the achievement and a mount. My fail.
(Feel ashamed, so sorry Alteya)

Team full of Knights

Dohment, Jan 18, 12 7:24 PM.
Congratulations to all members of Grey's team!
9 Members above 1600 yesterday.
And you are just beginning.
This team will break the 2k barrier in the near future.

Keep at it!
So-and-so has logged on!